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Wine & Business | Mental health&yoga

Brief Introduction

The new crown epidemic has caused a sudden change in society, and people have begun to try new ways of life that are different from before. Our yoga lecturer holds a qualification certificate from the International Yoga Federation. From her postpartum depression to falling in love with yoga and then changing her life from yoga, she is an inspirational life legend. What’s more, Wine and business are taught by Peter. He is the founder of Paliwigo and a top expert in wine appreciation. In this class, he will combine wine and business and tell everyone how to get business from wine. A friend who has been living at home for several months, who is physically and mentally tired, what would it be like to learn yoga with online classes? Ready for a bottle of wine you returned?Listen to online jazz piano, create a sophisticated life, connect you and connect now.

Lecturer Information

peter klerkx
• Founder of PaliwigolGolf&Wine

• Active Member of European Golf & Travel Media Association

• Managing director / Owner of World of Golfconsultancy


Coco Huang

• International Yoga Alliance Qualification Certification

•Help students to find balance in their mind, body, and soul (spirit).

Audience and Time

  • Life business lovers


  • December 23rd, 2020




Course Highlights

Explore wine and yoga tour in the comfort of your home under our master speaker’s guidance.

1. Season

2. Occassion

3. People

4. Meals

5.The antiqute of drinking

6.Dutch yoga teaching market status

7.Yin yoga introduction

8.Yin yoga core technical characteristics show

The first part (15 minutes)


The founder of Connect Now will give a 5 minute opening remarks and introduce lecturers. The members will introduce themselves (name, where they are from, occupation, how to get connected with the course.

The second part (45 minutes)


Lecturers conducts live lectures.


Q&A interaction between members and lecturers

The third part (10 minutes)


The host will conduct 10 minute’s concluding remarks appropriately introduce the characteristics and advantages of the course, and provide suggestions to the students; thank the lecturer and remind students to pay attention to the next Masterclass.

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5. Under the course content, you will find a lesson called Masterclass and by clicking it, you will gain access to the zoom meeting. Afterwards, you just need to enter your name and you can enter the course.

Now please enjoy your session!

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