Innovative tax incentives in the Netherlands



荷兰川渝商会( –财务总监 

Crow Head of China Desk –陈今


1. Why invest in the Netherlands?



Of the 500 largest companies in the world, 400 have established companies in the Netherlands. They prefer to invest in the Netherlands.

高科技的物流体系和强大的人才资源(荷兰在2020全球创新指数排名top 5)。

It has a high-tech logistics system and strong human resources (the Netherlands ranks top 5 in the 2020 Global Innovation Index).


2. Stability in a complex tax environment is crucial!



Tax policies in Europe and internationally are changing rapidly, but the Netherlands has always been a world leader in stability and information transparency.


Overseas companies reported that the Dutch tax authorities are friendly and pragmatic.

3. The 5-year tax agreement allows companies to reduce tax risks and successful packaging audits.


4. R&D tax credit (WBSO)



When a company applies for WSBO, the working hours and cost subsidies in the research and development costs are as high as 40%.

5. Preferential policies for the attractiveness of high-skilled immigrant employees


Employees who are qualified for high-skilled immigration from overseas are entitled to a 30% tax exemption.


If the employee’s salary is 6,000 Euros, 1,800 Euros are within the tax exemption range.

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