Dutch immigration policy 荷兰移民政策

by Sep 29, 2021

Long entry visa (MVV)

For some citizens of non-European economies who plan to work and stay in the Netherlands for at least three months, a combined work and residence permit application (GVVA procedure) can be submitted

Intra-company work permit procedures for key personnel may apply to non-EEA nationals assigned to Dutch companies within the same group. The group needs to have a global turnover of at least €50m. In addition, employees must hold at least a bachelor’s degree, hold managerial or key positions, and earn a monthly salary of at least 4,500 Euros (4,860 euros, including holiday pay, 2019 figures). In general, a work permit (MVV is) and/or residence permit application cycle is seven to eight weeks.

Residence permits for highly skilled migrants allow citizens of non-European economies to live and work legally in the Netherlands (without a separate work permit). This procedure normally applies if the employee stays more than 90 days in a 180 day period.

Companies must be registered and accredited with the Netherlands Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).

If an MVV visa is required according to nationality, the application for the visa and the application for residence permit can be carried out simultaneously under the so-called TEV procedure. The application period for the residence permit (with or without an MVV visa) is two to four weeks.



关键人员的公司内部工作许可程序可能适用于分配到同一集团内荷兰公司的非欧洲经济区国民。该集团的全球营业额需要至少达到 5000 万欧元。此外,员工必须至少拥有学士学位,担任管理或关键职位,并且月薪至少为 4,500 欧元(4,860 欧元,包括假期工资,2019 年数字)。一般来说,工作许可(MVV)和/或居留许可申请周期为七到八周。

高技能移民的居留许可允许非欧洲经济体的公民在荷兰合法生活和工作(无需单独的工作许可)。如果员工在 180 天内停留超过 90 天,则此程序通常适用。

公司必须在荷兰移民归化局 (IND) 注册并获得认可。

如果根据国籍需要MVV签证,签证的申请和居留许可的申请可以在所谓的TEV程序下同时进行。居留许可(有或没有 MVV 签证)的申请期为两到四个星期。

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