Gain Insight Into Financial Investment Solutions In The Netherlands



Connect Day@ Gain Insight Into Financial Investment Solutions In The Netherlands



More and more wealth of companies and individuals is under pressure due to negative interest rates and fear of inflation, Lots of people seek for the long-tern financial growth solution.



Understand complicated investment topics in a simple way.

Direct Coached by an investment advisor with 35 years of experience.

It will not only be a content-rich workshop but also an exclusive networking experience.

About Speaker:André Brouwers


André was recently chosen by a public jury of 15,000 investors as the best investment expert in the Netherlands. He is a five-time winner of the largest national investors debate and is known for RTLZ and DFT.

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Date: 15:00 – 20:00 | Oct 29th (Friday ),2021

No.of Guests: 25-30 (TBC) space will be big enough for the safe and comfortable distance

Type of Guest: Business owners, Senior Managers, Investors

Dressing Code: Business Smart Casual

Address: Haven 35, 1131 EP Volendam

Entrance Fee:158 Euro(exclude VAT)

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Oct 29th (Friday ),2021

Date and Time





Welcome Speech


Financial Investment Climate Overview


Financial investment market overview (roles of government, bank institutions, and insurance sector)
-What is the continued impact after the financial crisis
-What are the commonwealth management products (real estate, funds, stocks, bonds)? Their pros and cons

coffee break
Do you have the Right Investment Strategy?
Investment Philosophy?
How to Formulate a Sustained and Stable Investment Strategy


How to develop the mindset to invest responsibility?
Use available information effectively and not let emotions determine your investment choices!
-Importance of target setting and developing a mentality to resist inflation
-Build a long term winning plan by identifying investment opportunities and control risks by using a put option strategy



Dinner and Networking


Exclusive Time to have the conversation with experienced Investment advisor

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