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Important News: we will never make unsolicited contact to you to ask you to invest or share personal information.

We do not provide investment advice but information and us for more information.

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We integrate your needed information and create a high-class community with like-minded overseas elites, help you for your overseas success and happiness together with our dedicated team and service partners.

Our story begins in 2019. After four years of living in the Netherlands, Gaby Zeng started to wonder where she finds a community that is integrated with elites from both the eastern and western worlds.

People are up to make a difference in the Netherlands. And feel as make a home no matter where they are. Based on many years of working and overseas living experiences, she starts the journey of ConnectNow.

Up to now long, our networks are with industry experts who have experts have converted covered tax, legal, real estate, ICT, retail, Marketing, geographically. We have contact representatives from France, UK. Our members are mainly start-ups, business owners, ex-pats, and private investors.

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We are here for your Oversea hapiness & Success


Become the trustworthy oversea community to support your happiness and success


Provide trustworthy information and smooth customer experiences for Chinese expats and business owners.


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A trustworthy community for your oversea life and business

Coaching program

The coach has gone through the journey as the new immigration. Domestic and overseas corporate working experiences Self-employed person with three profitable businesses. A trained coach and private investors. A person who truly loves to share, listen to you, and stand for your success. A team and a community to support your growth.

Membership Services

In this community, you will engage with like-minded people, Have a direct conversation with industry experts to smoother your business and investment areas. Elite lifestyle experiences.

From Our Founder

  • Years of overseas living experience

  • Corporate Professional in Sales and Marketing

  • Business owner for serial companies

  • Chairman of Sichuan Chongqing chamber of commerce

  • Trained as a Coach

I come from a beautiful city called Chengdu. The years of working and running a business overseas give me so much inspiration and access to the possibilities.

I am passionate about contributing to the community. And I am a certified teacher and well-trained coach. Together with more than12 years of hands overseas life and doing business experiences. It’s time for me to share the information and inspirations back to the international community.

In this coaching program, you will start by redefining what matters for you. And the source of your happiness. You will make an action plan to progress your goal and enjoy the journey. The unknown environments and changeable information create uncertainties along with the areas of your business and investment. I will provide you with a structured mindset and helpful guidelines. Next to that, you may reach me for private consulting.

What about life? It’s the whole package of being and acting. How to design a lifestyle that suits you well? We start the day and enter different scenarios. Once the knowledge is there, and to experience and enjoy it. If you are a qualified member, you will have free access to the entire program.



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